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       Try the NEW Trend!


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Safety Measures for Covid-19

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* Disposable props available

Touch-less screen

Sanitation zone

* Social distancing 

* Safety guidelines for employees 

CALL 786 597 2637
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More Info Smartt

Unlimited Pictures.

Unlimited Printing.

Props hats wigs and signs.

Personalized strips and backgrounds.

Professional and friendly assistant.

Flash drive with all shots taken at your event.

Album built on site /scrap book.




Green Screen 

Set up different pictures or sites to be your background.

Internet Connectivity 

All your pictures can be uploaded immediately to your phone, social media and emails.

Video Booth

Have fun sending your 10 second messages.

Smartt Scrapping

Lets play with your pictures and create a unique piece of art you will take home.

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